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Translation services

*English to French

For a high-quality idiomatic translation that preserves the original writing style and the intended meaning.
1/General | Literary


2/Specialized | Technical


Fields: life sciences, health, and medicine

(Biology, Biotechnology, Molecular and cellular biology, Biomedical sciences, Biochemistry, Immunology, Virology, Pharmaceutical Biology, Genetics, Microbiology)

PLEASE NOTE — All translation services include a professional peer revision.

Ancre 2

Revision services


A boundless curiosity, a perfectionist and meticulous approach, a flexible ability to adapt, and a real passion for the language will ensure an impeccable revision.
1 / Linguistic revision

Aims to improve the quality and consistency of a text. This type of revision includes a rigorous and conscientious verification of logic, clarity, conciseness, and information accuracy. It is performed before proofreading to ensure that the text is well structured and complies with linguistic standards.


2 / Comparative revision

Ensures that the content of a translated text reflects accurately the original version while respecting the linguistic standards of the target language.

*From English to French


3 / Proofreading

Verification of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and layout of a text to correct errors and inconsistencies.


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