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Professional translation and editing services


Traduction Locus | The right word 

Traduction Locus focuses on clarity, conciseness, and idiomatic formulation while respecting the author's authentic style. Born from professional expertise in science and a real passion for the French language, Traduction Locus specializes more particularly in the translation of texts related to the life sciences.


It is a pleasure to collaborate with you on your translation projects!

Émilie Cossette
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Photo de Émilie Cossette, traductrice indépendante scientifique et littéraire

Professional services

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Life Sciences | Academic | Literary

Whether you have a literary project, a magazine article, a scientific publication, or a research project to translate, you've come to the right place!

Revision and proofreading

Comparative | Linguistic

Revision is one of the most crucial parts of the writing process that should not be overlooked. Find out how I can help you elevate your writing to a professional level.

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“Émilie was a pleasure to work with. Her translation was done professionally and in a timely manner. I couldn't believe how quickly I was given back the translated and reviewed work! The project was special and delicate, as the book included words to help kids through a very difficult topic. Émilie understood the importance of the project and provided a very professional translation.”

Laura Camerona, author

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