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Photo de Émilie Cossette, traductrice indépendante scientifique et littéraire

Emilie Cossette, M.SC.

Freelance translator; French Canadian

As a graduate with a master's degree in biomedical sciences, a translation certificate, and a university program in literature, I am your ideal collaborator for your translation project!

As a scientist with 10 years of concrete and diverse experiences in the field of life sciences, then an author through my eternal love of words, I now combine these two great passions to contribute to the diffusion of essential scientific and biomedical knowledge as well as various texts in literature.

Education and professional training



More than 60 hours of professional training including:

  • Introduction à la traduction biomédicale et pharmaceutique (Sigle : SPEC-21-14)

  • Principes et pratique de la révision (Sigle : LTR-21-02)

  • Principes de base en pharmacologie (Sigle : SPEC-21-16)

  • Les emplois abusifs (Sigle : LTR-22-02)

  • Information security best practices (Sigle : GES-21-07)

  • Gestion terminologique et TAO (Sigle : OSF-22-02)

  • Interférences (Sigle : LTR-21-21)

  • La gestion de projets en traduction : une gestion des risques (Sigle : GES-21-03)

  • La ponctuation comparée (Sigle : LTR-21-10)

  • One Size Doesn't Fit All (Sigle : LTR-21-15)

  • Getting Your Bearings: Essential Geographic Knowledge for FR>EN translators (Sigle : LTR-21-13)

  • Ces textes, nous les avons fait ou faits réviser? Les accords difficiles du participe passé (Sigle : LTR-21-16)

  • À la découverte de memoQ translator pro

  • Architecture de la phrase (Sigle : LTR-21-20)

  • Le couple réviseur-révisé (CONF-21-03)

  • And more


Université TÉLUQ

Certificate in Translation


Université TÉLUQ

Short improvement program in written French, literature

  • Certificate of Excellence - Honor Roll 2021


Université de Montréal - Montreal Heart Institute (MHI)

Master in Biomedical Sciences

  • Research project: Estradiol inhibits vascular endothelial cells pro-inflammatory activation induced by C-reactive protein (CRP).


Université de Sherbrooke

Bachelor in Biotechnology

  • Molecular biology, cooperative program


Recent projects

A brief overview of my latest major translation and revision projects on which I have worked and collaborated.

Children's Literature Portfolio

Hide and Seek

View all children's literature projects here:  

Contact me

(438) 524-6944

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